Archaeological field school continues

As part of its summer-long program, Diggin’ History-Piecing Together Pettengill Farm’s Past, Freeport Historical Society is hosting an archaeological field school this week.  Pictured here is Historic Archaeologist Peter Morrison (4th from left), leading today’s group of citizen archaeologists as the dig continues at Pettengill Farm.

Guided archaeological tours of Pettengill Farm

Join the Freeport Historical Society for guided tours of Pettengill Farm, a nineteenth century saltwater farm on the Haraseeket River estuary. Tours will discuss life on the farm based on historical and environmental evidence, including the results of multiple archaeological excavations on site. Tours will include discussions of the saltbox house exterior, the salvage dig and privy shed as well as well as a trip across the field and the Rodick and Gould sites. The stories of the individuals who shaped and were shaped by this unique landscape will be shared as participants walk the beautiful grounds of Pettengill Farm.

Pettengill Saltbox exterior

Pettengill Saltbox exterior

There will be a significant amount of walking on uneven terrain.

Tours are offered at 10 am and 1 pm on each of the following days:

Saturday Aug. 6, Sunday Aug. 7, Thursday Aug. 11, and Saturday Aug. 13

The 10 am tour will include the Grant’s Point site  in addition to the normal tour course and could run up to 2 hours. The 1 pm tour is shorter, running about 1 hour.  

Please call (207) 865-3170 or email for more information or to reserve a place.

Tour fee: $10 adult, $5 member 

For more information on Pettengill Farm, click here.

Kids’ Diggin’ at Harrington House!

Junior Archaeologist Programs

Learning how to excavate

Learning how to excavate at the demonstration archaeology site

An artifact!

An artifact!

Carefully excavating!

Carefully excavating!

Matching artifacts indoors

Matching artifacts indoors

Come check out our special interactive kids’ activities to go along with the Freeport Historical Society’s new exhibit, Diggin’ History- Piecing Together Pettengill Farm’s Past!

Explore Freeport’s past through artifacts collected in archaeological excavations of the Pettengill Farm site! The exhibit is of interest to all ages, as are the interactive demonstrations including dating with nail styles, pipe stems and pottery.

There is also an indoor self-guided artifact matching game for kids that goes along with the exhibit and a story contest. Come try our demonstration archaeological screening activity on the front porch, where dirt reveals hidden treasures!

Every Wednesday at 10 am and 1 pm, and at other times by request, we offer specially guided excavations at our kids’ site out front! Children can learn the basics of archaeology, including digging methods and using artifacts to tell a story about past lives. Recommended ages 6-15 (or anyone with interest!), parental assistance is necessary for children under 11. To be sure of a guided dig, please call us beforehand at (207) 865-3170, or email