Discover (and taste!) the history of chocolate

Greetings from the Heart program

Sunday, February 5th 2:00pm

45 Main Street

Food historian Sandra Oliver will present a lively and fascinating romp through America’s cooking past as she shares how chocolate was gradually incorporated into American cookery. From its start primarily as a beverage to the recent era of chocolate decadence and death by chocolate, she will describe early chocolate cakes, made chocolate by use of chocolate filling or frosting in plain cake, to the addition of chocolate to the batter later around the late 1800s and early 1900s including the creation of the rich, dark devil’s food cake (and Devil Dogs, etc.) as the opposite of the very popular white, fluffy angel cake. (Watch for Sandy on WCSH’s news magazine, 207!)

Andy Wilbur, from Wilbur’s of Maine, will demonstrate how the yummy classic Maine confection, the Maine Potato Needham, is made.

The audience will have the opportunity to taste a 19th-century chocolate drink and then sample two cakes, made from historic recipes, as well as sampling contemporary chocolates from Wilbur’s.

Tickets: $10.00 per person, $8.00 FHS members (click here for membership information!)

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