Coll 010

G.W. Randall Post #38, Women’s State Relief Corp of Maine. Records.
1985.26 & 2005.59; 1 box

Coll 009

Spear, David Dana, 1839-1899, Physician.

Account books, 1867-1897 (bulk dates 1875-78 & 1881-1882).
2 volumes.
Account books of physician who practiced in Freeport, ME,

Both books (1867-1897 and 1880-1885) list names of patients
with dates of services and amounts charged and paid. Most patients were
from Freeport, ME. Occasionally a diagnosis and treatment are noted.
The first volume includes a list of all Dr. Spear’s 718 obstetric deliveries,
1867-1897, the first few years of which are for his practice in Kennebunk,
ME. In addition there are some general ledger accounts, Spear family
accounts, and a list of medical books owned by Dr. Spear.

Gift of Mahlon Walsh, 1978.
Finding aid in repository; indexed.

Added entries: Physicians—Freeport (ME); Physicians—Kennebunk
(ME); Spear family; Medical care—Freeport (ME); Medicine; Drugs-
Prescribing—Freeport (ME); Obstetrics—Freeport (ME); Obstetrics—
Kennebunk (ME); Medical education—Freeport (ME).

Coll 008

Freeport Chamber of Commerce and Freeport Merchants’ Association.
Records. 1 box; s.a. Coll 048

Coll 007

Stowell family. Papers. 7 1/2 boxes & 1 vol.; s.a. Flat B 065

Coll 005

Burr, Perez. Account books. 1984.45, 2 1/2 boxes

Coll 002

Stockbridge, Micah & family. Papers. 3 boxes; s.a. Flat B-66

Coll 001

Bartol family. Papers. 1980.20, 2 boxes; s.a. Flat B 070