Trustees, Committees & Staff

Freeport Historical Society has a Board comprised of fifteen Trustees. They serve three year terms and can serve one additional three-year term. Officers are elected annually. The following are currently serving as Officers: President (Bill Muldoon), Vice President (Carla Rigby), Treasurer (Warren Bell) and Secretary (Andrea Martin).

Other Trustees are: Rita Armstrong, George Connick, Paula Craighead, Peter Gerquest, Jan Gerry, Joe Hahn, Tim Kittredge, Jessica Mellon and Lonny Winrich.

The Trustees meet monthly, on the second Wednesday evening of the month. The Annual Meeting of the Corporation takes place in March.

Bylaws of the Freeport Historical Society (as amended July 2013)

Today we have a staff of three:

James Myall is our Executive

Holly Hurd is our Collections

Rebecca McNulty is our Office